4 Growing Qualities of a Spiritual Leader


Contributed by Chris Rhodenhizer, Lead Pastor of Image Church

1]  You are able to handle praise and criticism – 1 Timothy 3:6

Spiritual Leaders should begin to naturally deflect praise to their teams – if they don’t have a team to deflect praise to, they are not leading anyone!  If you don’t want to experience criticism, then don’t lead, and if you just want praise, then definitely don’t lead!  I once heard that we should treat praise and criticism like gum – chew on it for a little while, but don’t swallow it – spit it out!

2]  You are able to confront conflict well – 1 Timothy 3:3 “…not violent, but gentle, not quarrelsome…”

There will be conflict – if there is not conflict nothing is going on.  When things are moving forward, changing, bringing about things that transform, there will be conflict!  People, at some point, will have conflict and bring conflict; we as Spiritual Leaders must deal with this well.  We can NEVER, EVER afford to lose our cool, to go off on people – it is never justified.  Some may tempt you to lose it, but we must remain gentle, sometimes stern, but never quarrelsome.

3]  You are able to limit your liberties – 1 Corinthians 10:23-33

We are free in Christ, as Scripture tells us, to be able to do many things, but those things should bring Him glory.  Some of us are free to write what we want, eat/drink what we want, and even go where we want to go, BUT, if you as a leader know this may specifically cause your brother or sister to stumble, then think twice.  One area we need to be especially careful with, in the 21st century, is social media. This is a great tool, but once you write it, the whole world sees it – once you upload the picture, the whole world sees it!  Spiritual Leaders need to use biblical wisdom when speaking to the masses over social media!!!

4]  You are able to assume the best – Romans 12:10

Spiritual leaders should first do this with those they lead and with those they lead with!  We should immediately assume that others had the best intentions, with whatever it is they did.  This protects us from bitterness and from always thinking the worst of others.  We should also celebrate one another.  When others experience success or they get a great opportunity, we should be happy for them and celebrate with them!  This keeps us healthy and keeps our character in tact!


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