Family Traditions


Contributed by Angie Scott, wife of Mike Scott, Elder Overseer of Web/Graphic Arts/Media at Image Church

Traveling to Mom-mom and Pa-Paws for Thanksgiving, decorating the Christmas trees the Sunday after Thanksgiving, nagging Mike to put up the outside Christmas lights, clam chowder on Christmas Eve, baking a birthday cake for Jesus,  & black eyed peas (for good luck) on New Years Day. These are all part of The Scott family traditions.

My kids look forward to ALL of these activities. If I forget or change the way we do things, I am quickly reminded about our traditions. This year I set up our family Christmas tree in the basement and mindlessly started to decorate it. When my kids got home, my youngest daughter, Cailyn, was very disappointed that I had decorated the tree by myself. She told me that we always decorate the family tree while watching a Christmas movie. I told her that I forgot, and we would definitely decorate it together next year.  Cailyn looked so sad that after I put her to bed, I undecorated the whole thing and planned to re-decorate with my family.  Sometimes I get so caught up on my plans and my agenda that I forget what is really important.

Mike and I are making memories and forming holiday traditions that I hope my kids will carry on with their kids.  We have always incorporated Jesus and Santa at Christmas. Santa brings three gifts to our children the way the wise men brought the 3 gifts to Jesus. This is one of the traditions that has made Christmas fun for our family.

Whatever your traditions are, I hope you take this time to remember to treasure them. Treasure Jesus and the precious gift that He was for all of us, treasure your family and the time that you have with them. God is the treasure of our lives. The greatest gift we, as Christians, can give another human being is to teach them about Jesus and lead them to Him by example.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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