Busy, Busy, Busy


Contributed by Christi Hellmund, wife of John Hellmund, Elder Overseer of Finance at Image Church

I am sitting in front of my Christmas tree, going through a mental check list of all the things that must be accomplished by this time next week – shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating, cleaning, partying, studying, and that is only half the list.  Many times this past week, I have found myself stressed out and short with those closest to me.  It’s so frustrating that at the most “joyous” time of year, we are so consumed with all of our “to do” lists that we are far from joyous.  I was at the Aldi near our house not long ago trying to do some Christmas shopping, when a yelling match broke out between 2 people who were old enough to know better, and it was all over who was in line first.  Fuses are shorter and tension runs higher this time of year.

With all of the busyness and stress, I lose focus on what is really important.  Christmas is not about cookies and packages.  It is about our Savior who came wrapped in skin and was laid in a manger.  I have been reading Luke 2 this week and verse 19 has hit me hard.  It is a short little verse that follows  the busyness of travel, the birth of Jesus, and the visitation of the shepherds.  “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”  The word “ponder” is what strikes me.  It is not a word that I use often.  It means “to weigh in mind or to reflect on” according to Webster.  I do not take a lot of time to ponder this time of year. Part of my stress and frustration is directly related to this lack of pondering. If I would take more time to reflect on what God did for us so long ago in sending His Son, then maybe I would not get overwhelmed with what needs to be baked and what needs to be bought.  Maybe I would realize that those things are not worth focusing on and be more gracious when fights break out in front of me or someone cuts in line. Please take a few moments with me and ponder how amazing that night so long ago must have been! I am sure that Mary was overwhelmed and exhausted, but she took the time to ponder the events of the day and treasured them. She wanted to remember and reflect on their meaning.  I am committing myself to ponder the birth of my Savior, His many blessings, and His call on my life.  I challenge you to take some time to do the same.  Maybe we can become more joyous this time of year by focusing on what really matters and change how others view Christmas in the process.


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