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Image Gives Back Stories – Part 7

June 4, 2011

Here are a couple more stories…

1.  After weeks of praying about what to do with the $10.00 I received at Image’s 5th Anniversary Sunday, I finally had a peace about what to do with the money.  I heard Shannon Baxter speak on Sunday about her passion and desire to follow God’s will for her life on the mission field in Australia. By the time I got home I knew that the $10.00 should go to her. After talking with my husband, we are going to commit to continue to give her $10.00 a month for the entire 18 months she will be on the mission field working with the Aborigine people.  It was awesome to hear about Russ Perkin’s and Shannon Baxter’s commitments on Sunday to follow God’s will for their lives.  As Russ said “If God wants something done, He works in the heart of a person.”  I believe that God has worked on Shannon Baxter’s heart to go on the mission field and I believe that God worked on our families heart to commit to supporting her.  All of this was spurred by Image gives back, and most importantly three families desires to be obedient to God’s work in their life.

2.  I was blessed with $5 by Image to bless someone else. I thought and thought about what I should do with the money, when God gave me the opportunity to witness to a friend who has really been searching for the Truth for some time. I remembered our women’s retreat, and all that Beverly Carrol shared with us about becoming the woman you see yourself being one day THROUGH Christ, and the lightbulb went on. I bought my friend Beverly’s book “From Glimpses To Glory,” and it opened up a door to read the book along side my friend (even though she lives in a different state) and share God’s Word. She hasn’t come to Christ, yet, but God is definitely working in her heart…  Please pray that her heart is softened, and she accepts Jesus as the ONLY way.