Image Gives Back Stories – Part 6


Here are a couple more stories…

1.  My wife and I found an envelope taped under our seat at the 5 year anniversary of Image Church.  We got home and thought and prayed over what we could possibly use this for to stay on mission, as we desire here at Image.  We had some initial thoughts, but ultimately wanted to use the money to reach out, in some way, to my brother.  We are going to use the money we received and some of our own to attend the Mulligans for Manna golf tournament.  This allows me to bring my brother, who has always loved to golf, and be able to share the Gospel with him with the help of the other Godly men that we will be paired with. It also shares a two-fold purpose in using the money to help give to Manna and support our efforts with them.  I am excited to see how God will move, and will continue to pray, share, and live as an example to my family.

2.  Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to bless someone else. At the Image 5th Birthday service, my husband and I received $10.00 each in our envelopes. I knew that I wanted to buy diapers and wipes for the Acts shelter, after receiving the “needs” flyer at the women’s bible study. Having a toddler in diapers myself, it broke my heart to think of other babies going without. However, one day we were in the Shoppers grocery parking lot eating some Taco Bell when a man approached us in our car. He asked us if he could have at least $15 to buy groceries for his family because after the bills were paid, there was nothing left over. Immediately, I reached in my wallet and took out the $20 that we had received from Image. I told my husband that this is exactly what the money was for and he agreed. Then I thought, those babies still need diapers and wipes. So, I went to the store later that week and purchased diapers and wipes for the Acts shelter anyway. Needless to say, Image caused us to double the gift that we had been given.

And…here’s a great email from one of our members about 24/7 Prayer…

I just wanted to share what I have learned this week from committing to pray each morning with my roommate. For the past three days, praying with my roommate has strengthened our faith,  deepened our spiritual bond, and transformed the way we live each day. As we focus less on ourselves, we have become more kingdom minded, and realized how self-serving we are in our daily decisions. I pray that others can sign up and just watch how God moves in their lives. This makes me wonder, if Christians are supposed to be praying people, why haven’t more committed to praying to the Lord on a daily basis? I believe prayer demonstrates our faith, and prepares us to see God at work. Prayer does not manipulate God to begin to work in the world, but rather I am realizing that prayer opens our eyes to see how He is at work already. So, I believe we are doing a disservice to our faith and the body when we fail to see the importance of praying to a REAL God. I believe the church has been seriously duped by the devil to think that prayer is a waste of time.



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