Image Gives Back Stories – Part 5


Here is the story that was shared on Easter Sunday…

My husband and I were speechless as Pastor Chris started explaining the “Image Gives Back” project at the Year 5 Birthday Celebration.  (We’ve never been a part of a church that “pays it forward” so much!)  We already knew that we were called to be bold before we even checked underneath our seats.

Our prayers led us to do something big and creative.  Something that would glorify God through Jesus Christ.

We received $25.

Soon after the Gathering, we received news that a friend of ours who moved to New York City less than a year ago was really struggling. My friend and her husband got rid of their car and moved to NYC with plenty of dreams and aspirations. Months later, her husband still hadn’t found work, and their small, expensive apartment was infested with bed bugs.  When I called to check on her – while we were on the phone – she received a letter in the mail stating that she was terminated from her job.  I felt so helpless.  They felt “stuck” in NYC – knowing that they had to get rid of all of their infested stuff and move out with no money, no savings, no vehicle and no bed.

It was difficult, but my friend and I talked about how God can be glorified through this mess – that through this experience, God was revealing answers to her prayers.

Then I had an idea. I called my husband and explained what I wanted to do with the $25. He agreed! (I went back and forth on this – it was almost too bold and didn’t make any sense!)

I went to the gas station and filled my car up with $25.00 worth of gas (well, $25.01 – it’s so hard to get right on the dot these days!)

And then we called my friend and said, “We have a car for you!” We shared the joy of the “Image Gives Back” project and how much God loves her and her husband.  We wanted to give her and her husband our vehicle – my daily vehicle.  But I can get another one, right?  God will work it out!

All she could say was “thank you” – and they started making the plans.

Just a few days ago….

They pulled out of our driveway in my little car.

And as they were leaving, I told them that the car came with one stipulation – I told them that when they turned the corner financially and got their feet back up under them, they had the responsibility of paying the car forward to someone else in need.  What a blessing!


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