Image Gives Back Stories – Part 3


Here are a couple more stories…

1.  I just want to give you a quick report on how my friend and I invested our Image “5 year B-day” money. My friend suggested pulling our resources together and adding a little extra of our own cash for a woman that we know. The woman is essentially living like a single Mom and taking care of her children by herself. Since she is taking classes to finish her degree, she is unable to work and struggling financially to make ends meet. We decided on getting a gift card that the Mom can use, maybe to get the children something for Easter.  The money/gift card will be presented to the Mom tonight.  Thank you for sharing the gift, so that we could enjoy the blessing of passing it on to another.

2.  As part of Image Gives Back, our family had a total of $50.00 under our chairs.  We prayed about what to do with these funds to support others and decided as a family to combined our money and purchase a gift card to a local grocery store.  We then sent that gift card to someone we know is in desperate need to continue to put food on their table for their children.



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