Image Gives Back Stories – Part 2


Here are some more Give Back stories…

1.  It was pretty cool getting an under your seat Oprah SURPRISE as part of our Year 5 Celebration.  Our oldest daughter used her $20, that we matched, so she could buy 14 bibles to pass out to her friends  at her high school which she has told about Christ.  These kids that she knows don’t have much of a clue about salvation or God.  She amazes us with her boldness.  Our youngest daughter took the money she received and gave it to Chris.  She told us that she loved Pastor Chris and wants to be bathatized (translation – baptized).  There is something amazing happening within our walls at Image that is spreading to the outside.  Hopefully it will infect the world!

2.  I took the $10 from the service on Sunday and purchased donuts/bagels for my office.  I then wrote with a marker ‘Courtesy of” and taped an Image Church impact card to the box.  I was able to share how God is working through our church with a few folks in the office.

And check out this video testimony…



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