Image Gives Back Stories


Check out these stories which have been shared this week…

1.  Happy birthday, Image! It’s been a privilege to worship, serve and do life with the people of Image for the last 14 months!  Our money is going towards diapers and baby clothes for a coworker who had an unexpected pregnancy and gave birth two weeks ago. Praying it will bless her, her baby, and her family.

2.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve already invested the money given to me.  It was incredible to be given so much money – I was completely taken off guard, so I was glad to pass it on to someone else. Despite the temptation to get something like Chipotle with it, I put it all towards a charity that supports struggling families worldwide. I personally support a family in Guatemala with a dollar a day, which isn’t much all considering. I’ve been doing it for a few years now, so getting something extra to give them was an incredible blessing.  Thank you so much…I hope I was able to invest wisely.

3.  I received a large amount and so was able to split it and help my children bless someone else in a large way by combining our funds.  With one gift, we helped a struggling college/seminary couple that is training for the ministry.  With the other gift, we helped a needy family pay for cancer treatment bills.  This was a very COOL idea that the church had, and I loved the experience for my kids and myself.

4.  I received a gift from the “Image Gives Back” – a great idea!  I wanted to share the testimony unfolding right before me and share it with the church. I have a friend who is struggling in his faith.   This past Friday, I talked to him for three hours – witnessing, encouraging and giving testimony of what God has been doing with me.  I told him much about Image Church, and he wants to come. He also has a friend who is an Atheist that keeps putting doubts in his head.  His friend is open to dialogue and has agreed to meet-up with me this Saturday.  So the give back money not only came along at the perfect time, but it will be used to spread the Gospel. It has a two-fold purpose – the bulk will be used to get the boys lunch, and what’s left will be put towards my friend’s ticket for the CRASH event.



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