My Vision for Image Church


Contributed by Chris Rhodenhizer, Lead Pastor of Image Church 

Evangelism and Equipping – These are two words that best describe what we as a church need to be focused on, or re-focused on, this fiscal year (September 2010 through August 2011).   Here is how we accomplish this vision through our simple, Biblical discipleship process.  Evangelism and Equipping are both discipleship. Evangelism calls disciples, and Equipping grows and trains them on mission. 


Preach through the book of Ephesians, so people who need to be evangelized will hear and see what Jesus did for them and how HE views them. Also, so believers will be reminded and convicted of how God views them.  We will kick off the Fall with a series through Ephesians 1 & 2 entitled Challenge 77/In HIM – “77 days of doing life In HIM”.  This will challenge people to lead lives of worship. 

We will continue to pursue acquiring this entire warehouse, so we can house the people God saves and adds to HIS church. We believe that it is through the passionate, fiery, preaching of God’s powerful WORD that people will be evangelized and equipped. 


We need to see at least 25 homes open for P.o.D.’s. WHY? Discipleship doesn’t happen apart from this.  More leaders need to be equipped to lead these groups, which is why we have implemented Image P.o.D. Chalk Talk.  P.o.D.’s are hard, they take precious time, but when they work, they are the best thing in the world. Friendships are established, in depth Bible study is accomplished, and disciples are grown. We are calling all of us to sacrifice everything else in ministry before we sacrifice this. 


Be more intentional with equipping at our I-SERVE Meetings. We will accomplish this by being more ministry-specific with I-SERVE this year. 

Give over $60,000 away in total missions this year, including bringing on another missionary. 

We will have a goal to partner with three church plants, and we have already established two of them!  Church planting will help the Kingdom as a whole in evangelism and equipping saints. 

One part of our process leads to the other.  For example, we will not give money away to missions, if we do not evangelize and equip people through Biblical preaching;  we will not see disciples grow in the WORD, if we never have P.o.D.’s;  and we will not have anyone to equip at I-SERVE’s, if people never grow through COMMUNITY.  Most of us want to see people come to Jesus [evangelism] and see them fully equipped to do ministry, right?  Then, let’s stick to this vision, let’s get people here to hear the WORD, let’s move them into P.o.D’s so they will make friends through study of the WORD, and let’s move them on mission with us in SERVICE! This vision is costly, as it will involve sacrifice, BUT let’s not sacrifice our time, abilities, and families on the altar of programs and call it ministry. NO, let’s truly sacrifice on the altar of ministry that produces disciples, through Evangelism and Equipping!


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  1. Layla Says:

    Amen Chris. We must all work together for the glory of God.

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