Follow Me, and Dance!


Contributed by Chad Seidler, Director of Ministry/Assistant to Lead Pastor of Image Church

Earlier this week, Russ Perkins (Elder Overseer of Communities at Image Church) shared the following video with our Elder team.  He told us – This is secular, but it’s a kingdom principle, and it’s what we are and need to keep doing, my fellow Christ followers.  Check it out…

I also shared this video with our entire ministry team at our I-Serve meeting this past Wednesday.  It provided for some great motivation, as we kicked-off our meeting.  It was encouraging hearing our people draw insight and direction from such a simple video clip; it was applicable to each of our areas of ministry.  As the week has gone by, I can’t stop thinking about that lone nut dancing in the middle of that field.

Actually, it’s made me focus more on the original Dancer – Jesus Christ.  Think about it – most of the “religious” people during His 3-year earthly ministry thought that He was a lone nut.  He made claims and promises that no human being could possibly make or keep. 

Matthew 4 introduces us to Christ’s early ministry.  It begins by Christ being tempted by Satan.  Upon hearing of John the Baptist’s arrest, He leaves the comforts of His home in Nazareth and moves to Capernaum.  While there, He continues John the Baptist’s radical message – “Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.”  Jesus begins to dance.  I’m sure word spread quickly.  Who is this guy?  What is He talking about?  Is He crazy?  How can He make such statements?  Where are His followers?

Jesus’ dance is infectious.  The short version of the story goes like this…  Jesus invites Peter and Andrew to follow Him.  Then He invites James and John.  The dance spreads.  Crowds gather to hear Jesus preach the Sermon on the Mount and are astonished.  The dance spreads.  Jesus invites Matthew, Philip, Bartholomew…   Soon, Jesus is surrounded by 12 crazed dancers.  The dance spreads.  He instructs them to keep dancing everywhere they go, so that others will be drawn to dance too (Matthew 10 & 28).  The dance spreads.  And then the Dancer delivers the ultimate dance – giving His life for mankind’s sins in order to provide a means to an eternal dance through His resurrection – thus ending His earthly ministry.

With the Dancer not physically here to lead, one would think that the dance would quickly end.  No!  In the first few chapters of the book of Acts, we quickly see how the Dancer’s first followers continue the dance through the guidance of the promised Holy Spirit. 

The dance continues with the 12…

…spread to 120…

…then by 3,000…

…then another 5,000…

It is noted in Acts that the dance grew daily.  The dance became a craze!

Is it still that same craze today?  Why shouldn’t it be?  As Christians and followers of Christ, our dancing should be infectious.  People should witness our dancing and be drawn to dance themselves.  We’ve been entrusted and instructed to carry on the dance – “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-20).  And it’s not enough to just invite others to the dance; they must be taught the moves…by us.

The dance still continues.  Is your dancing infectious?  Are you inviting others to join the dance?  And are you training them properly so that they can continue the craze?


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    WOW!!! Bring it bro. that is infectious!

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