Contributed by Mike Scott, Elder Overseer of Web/ Graphic Arts/ Media at Image Church.

If I told you to have a seat in a chair you couldn’t see would you? If we were on the top of a tower and I told you to clip on a harness that didn’t seem to exist and jump off would you trust me? If you answered Yes to either of these things you would probably be categorized as brave or stupid. The funny thing is in the world’s eyes Christians are sometimes seen that way. We worship a God we can’t see. We have a personal relationship with a Savior that none of us have physically met. Not to mention the crazy idea we have about Jesus coming again to reign over the earth. This sounds absolutely absurd because it isn’t logical to them.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Here Paul tells us that as Christians we walk by faith and not by sight. Since God has proven Himself throughout scripture that He is trustworthy then our faith should be easy for us. However that isn’t always the case. Sometimes we find ourselves taking matters into our own hands because of a lack of faith. I have been guilty of this numerous times but God continues to be patient with me and love me unconditionally. Can you imagine how much faith it must have taken to be willing to sacrifice your own son like Abraham was willing to do. The faith it must have taken to stand up to Pharoah like Moses did. The disciples following Jesus took a huge amount of faith.

When we live by faith we also show obedience to God because we are showing that we believe what He has told us in the Bible. I don’t consider myself a know it all and will never be accused of being a brilliant scholar, but the act of faith actually comes easier for me than maybe it does some.  To know that God is in control and has a reason for everything in my life is a very comforting feeling. I read about a comparison to faith being like the foundation of  a building. Underlying a building is its foundation, and in most buildings, the foundation is rarely seen. If it is seen at all, usually only a small portion is visible, but it is there. If no foundation exists, the building soon becomes crooked and warped. In most cases, it will collapse and be completely unusable. We should examine our lives to see how much faith we put in God and remember that to be faithful is to be dedicated and loyal to Him.


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  1. chrisrhodenhizer Says:

    Way to get right to the point, FAITH!!! I know you believe Paul wrote Hebrews, still not sure if I think he did, but its all cool! One of those questions we will ask God!

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